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I help busy, anxious women live EMPOWERED 

"You control your thoughts and thus, everything else"-Coach AJ

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My coaching, online community and journals are designed to help you take control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions in a way that's healthy and productive for your life and business .

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To give you the support and clarity to make bold choices, whether it's about your career, your relationships or how you want to live your life.



To give like-minded individuals an opportunity to build a community rooted in values that encourage growth and innovation.

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These journals are designed to help you explore your own inner thoughts, feelings and life experiences in a safe place. They provide a space for self-discovery, self-understanding and introspection.

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Anxiety is a HUGE issue for many women entrepreneurs and, I believe, a major contributor to why so many of us struggle to grow our businesses and live the lives we want.

Through the various programs and products you will learn how to build an anxiety free life.

How to get rid of your negative thinking 

AJ's coaching is centered around helping you identify and challenge your negative thoughts. Through her experience as a coach and personal experience with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia she knows that by challenging your own thinking, it can help alleviate stress on an emotional level and reenforces a positive mindset

How to show up in your business 

AJ is here to help you define your business and take solid steps towards success. You will be working with coach AJ to learn how to build a solid foundation, create effective habits and create systems in your business so you can be productive.

How to market your self and your business 

AJ is here to help you manage impostor syndrome, anxiety and stress so that you can comfortably share your story with the world and feel confident in every situation. You'll learn how to use a positive mindset to approach yourself, others, sales, networking and social media.

Clients and Case Studies

"Insert a testimonial quote from a client here. Be sure it highlights a problem your services resolved and how their business was transformed."
Jeanita B. 

BIM- Blue International Marketing 

" Coach AJ is not only a great coach, but she's also a great person. She's very open and honest, and has a nurturing heart. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their life! "
- Resse M. 

"I just listened to my recordings from our coaching call and I am in LOVE with you! You are so funny and I can just feel your support. I am so grateful for you."
- Victoria J.

" I'm very grateful for all the wisdom and guidance I've gained from my coaching sessions with AJ. Coaching has helped me to clarify my anxiety, understand why I react in certain ways, and learn how to use tools to deal with issues as they arise. I highly recommend coaching with AJ"
-Britteney N.

"I have been working with AJ for about a few weeks now, and I can't say enough positive things about her. I started working with her because I had a sinking feeling that my business was not on the right track, and that I needed some help to get it back on track. Through our coaching sessions, AJ has helped me to reassess what my business is doing, and how it will grow in the future. She has a way of getting to the root of problems, and helping you find the solutions to anything and EVERYTHING! If you are considering signing up for a business coaching package with AJ, I highly recommend it!

- R. Lanky 

"AJ is the best coach I have ever worked with. She is honest, authentic and very supportive. Her words help me stay on track while her laughs keep me going!"
-Ashley N. 

" I went to Coach AJ in 2018 with a business idea and left with a "business.
After a failed attempt to launch my business "Shea What", I began looking for a mentor or advisor to assist with bringing my venture into successful fruition. I knew had to shake my anxiety and imposter syndrome in order to be successful and AJ helped me with just that! 
Coach AJ not only set me in the right direction, she also offered many tools such as business plan structure, product enhancements, proper audience targeting and effective marketing techniques. After my coaching and mentorship with Coach AJ, I was able to rebrand and successfully relaunch! My business has thus traveled to 6 different states and tripled its profit margin.
I recommend Coach AJ's expertise to also turn your idea into income, and your dreams into your reality!

- Lisa W.

"Positive thoughts = Positive Outcomes" - AJ Glover 

AJ is the CEO of  Daze Staffing Solutions, Co-Founder of Casheley Co, professional coach, podcaster, motivational speaker.


She has worked with women of all ages from all over the world who struggle with anxiety and depression. She prides herself on her ability to help them overcome their own challenges no matter how difficult they may seem.


As someone who has overcome child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, anxiety, depression and agoraphobia, she knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom and find the inner strength needed to rebound.


Visionary. Creator. Motivator. Empowerment. These words are used to describe AJ and her unique ability to coach women entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to the next level or even starting their own business, if they want to. She will guide and lead them through the often confusing process of making decisions that can make better results happen in all areas of their life.

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If you are ready for real actionable hacks then this guide is for you.

By downloading this guide you:

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• Learn how to reframe your anxious thoughts

• Learn quick steps you can implement today

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